“Preventative Maintenance not only preserves the pavement surface, but prevents accelerated wear. It should not be regarded as a temporary expedient, but as an investment in the pavement structure, and insurance against costly pavement renovation.” (The Asphalt Institute, The Asphalt Handbook, 1989)


Single Cracks: Single cracks may be caused by numerous pavement failures such as “paver joints” which are a result of a weak seam or poor bond between two paver passes, or expansion and contraction of the subbase beneath the pavement.

Reflection Cracks: These cracks reflect the crack pattern in the pavement structure underneath.

Recommendation: Any single crack that has a width of 1/8” or wider should be filled with a crackfill that has expansion and contraction qualities. It may be wise to ignore any cracks less than 1/8”.


Alligatored areas and potholes: Alligatored or deteriorated areas of blacktop may be caused by such things as an initial installation of pavement which was too thin, a weak stone base under the pavement, or a soft subbase.

Recommendation: Cut out deteriorated areas as geometrically as possible to a depth of 3” or 4” if needed. Then provide a full-depth blacktop patch, sealing the outside edge to prohibit water infiltration.


Sealcoating, we feel, is much cosmetic as it is a preventive measure of maintaining your pavement.

Sealer is a mixture of coal tar, sand and water, and does a good job in sealing narrow cracks, gives a non-skid resistance to pavement, repels gasoline and oil, and provides a rich black finish adding a nice contrast to surrounding buildings and landscape. We recommend sealer to be used on a good, sound pavement unless it is being used for aesthetic purposes only.

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