When the time comes that the design life of your pavement has arrived and it is no longer feasible to maintain your existing pavement, it is time to rehabilitate or salvage what is left. When the condition of your pavement reaches this terminal level, it is usually time to repave.

Recommendation: Cutting out and repairing any subbase failure before installing a new overlay. This prolongs any reflective cracking from coming through the new surface. We then make any surrounding pavement adjustments to manholes, catch basins, and sidewalks to assure a smooth transition from these areas. The next step is to thoroughly clean the lot, install a level course of blacktop to fill all low depressions, and to assure bonding of new pavement to existing, then repave with 2” of blacktop. We have been very successful in our repaving process while maintaining traffic flow in parking lots such as banks, service stations, shopping centers and apartment complex lots.

The Petromat® System

The Petromat® System is the use of a protective membrane fabric over badly cracked existing blacktop before installing the blacktop overlay. We have used this system very successfully in prolonging reflective cracking and found it to be very cost effective compared to digging up and repairing deteriorated areas. The fabric allows us to install a waterproof membrane over marginally deteriorated areas, thus allowing no water infiltration, and extending the life of the new overlay.

Note: Not all repaving requires the Petromat® System, and areas with subbase failure would still need to be cut out and repaired promptly before installing a blacktop overlay.

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